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About Us

Mae Corwin

Yoga is my favorite practice for creating peace, balance, strength and flexibility. While I have been practicing since middle school, i didn't get serious about it until 20 years ago when running injuries had me looking for an activity that would build me up instead of breaking me down.



About Us

Now scheduling one-on-one or small group classes tailored to your needs. You choose the day, time*, style, and sign up for a one-time or recurring class in your home.


Odds of sticking to your personal fitness goals? Now in your favor.


mind, body, yoga llc., providing yoga for you since 2016. Just yoga.

I can also meet individually to help you create your own practice, checking in frequently to tweak poses and add/change poses in the routine based on need and ability.

Cost: $45 per hour. Each additional student $15.

Contact Mae at 541.519.8802 for more information.

*Latest daily time slot available: 3 PM.



Tel: (541) 519-8802

Contact Mae if you have any questions.

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