About Us

Welcome to mind, body, yoga!

A relaxing and restorative place where you can learn and practice building a strong body and quiet mind through yoga.


We offer an authentic yoga experience taught by certified instructors in a beautifully restored historic building located in downtown Baker City, Oregon. 


There are yoga classes for all levels from beginner to advanced. 
We offer Hatha, Restorative and even Aerial yoga!


Private classes are also available upon request.


Mae Corwin

Yoga is my favorite practice for creating peace, balance, and strength. With the ability to serve all ages and ability levels, yoga is available to all. While I have been practicing yoga since middle school, I didn't get serious about it until 10 years ago, when running injuries had me looking for an activity that built me up instead of breaking me down. 

I invite you to try yoga at mind, body, yoga.




Danika Sinram

I was born in San Diego and moved all around California. I started doing yoga in my early 20s and fell in love. I ended up in the Portland area where I met my boyfriend who was born and raised in Baker. I was encouraged by my yoga teachers to become a teacher myself. I decided to go to the birthplace of yoga to get my training; India! It was an absolutely amazing journey.


I am honored to share this practice with you.


Our Classes

Spring Schedule 2022

Monday:     Hatha, 9:30 AM 

Tuesday:     Restorative, 9:30 AM

Wednesday:    Aerial, 9:00 AM, with Danika
                         Hatha, 4:00 PM, with Mae
                         Hatha, 7:00 PM, with Danika

Thursday:        Hatha, 9:30 AM

Friday:              Hatha, 9:30 AM
                          Hatha, 4:00 PM




Beginning June 1, 2022 all classes will be Donation Only. We accept cash or check.

  • Classes run one hour

  • Classes work for all ability levels 

  • Hatha-classic yoga session including standing, sitting and lying down poses

  • Restorative-gentle stretching using supportive props

  • Aerial-yoga performed using a fabric hammock suspended from the ceiling


Contact Us

1923 Court Ave, Baker City, Oregon

Tel: (541) 519-8802

Contact us if you have any questions about our classes, and we'll be more than happy to reply.

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